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A Golf App Like No Other

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Ever have a problem finding friends to play with when you want to play? No more!

  • Our exclusive Availability Grid shows when your friends can play over the next 2 weeks
  • Share when you can play with My Availability
  • No more calling, texting, or emails: Everyone’s schedule is in the palm of your hand!
  • See the Groups and Associations at your favorite courses. Join them—or create your own
  • Public course, private club (if you’re a member), even Topgolf. Anywhere!

The most comprehensive golf course & tournament directory anywhere

  • Learn about any course in the U.S., find places to play when traveling, with links to every website to book a tee time. (International coming soon)
  • Search for courses by Name, Location, Architect, Year Built, and more
  • See where important tournaments have been played—and will be played. You can even register (if you’re good enough!)
  • Plus... 2 ways to help anyone get on private clubs: Private Club Exchange and Buy It Now

Read all about courses, architects, golf travel, and more

  • Comments and commentary from award-winning golf journalists—and real golfers like you!
  • Course reviews, interviews, golf history, contests, great photography. Everything that matters
  • Know all about a course before you get there, from guest policies to prices
  • Plus the latest news and money-saving deals from courses you have favorited near you

Use the in-app Chat feature to arrange rounds quickly and easily

  • Friends you chat with the most show up at the top of the Availability Grid
  • Chat with a friend or in a group Chat
  • Yes, we know you’ve used a Chat app before, but this one saves you time and helps you play more

Buy It Now is the easiest, fastest way to get on private courses

  • See which private clubs welcome unsponsored guests or have them play with club “Ambassadors”
  • Perfect if you’re thinking of joining—or just want to play somewhere new
  • Pay for your round through the app, show up, and play (adhering to the club’s guest policies, of course)

What We’re Not

  • We're not an app where you see and sort 1000s of tee times... BUT we do connect you to every course's website!
  • A golf instruction app
  • A way to measure yardage, keep score, or track stats
  • An Instagram for golf

Lots of apps do those things.

Only GolfBevy lets you...

  • Arrange games with friends
  • Share when you can play
  • Get on private courses
  • Geek out with great golf content (and even add your own)

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What Industry Leaders Are Saying

GolfBevy is great for golfers and it’s great for operators. How many apps can say that?
Pat Kelley Advance Golf Partners
It would have been much easier to get on the Top 100 Courses if I’d had GolfBevy. What took you so long?
John Sabino Author, Blogger "Playing the Top 100 Golf Courses in The World"
For years I've been hoping the tech companies in golf would do more to generate demand, rather than just meet demand where it already is. GolfBevy's platform is designed to stimulate more play in the right ways, and eschew heavy discounting as the primary hook. Kudos! Connecting golfers with each other and facilitating more play is the way to go.
Jay Karen CEO, National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA)
I’m very impressed with the features GolfBevy offers to golfers, because it makes it easier for them to arrange games and then book them at my course. And I get to put special offers in front of them. It’s a win-win for us.
Cathy Harbin Owner, Pine Ridge Golf Course; At-Large Director,
PGA of America
GolfBevy was designed with golf associations in mind. We are always looking for new ways to get our message out, find new members, and add value to golfers in Texas, and this is going to be a great new tool for us.
Stacy Dennis Executive Director, Texas Golf Association