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Frequently Asked Questions

Jupiter Hills Golf Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for GolfBevy?

GolfBevy makes it easy to play more golf.

  • Play more with friends you already have
  • Meet other golfers who play where you do
  • Find groups to join at your favorite courses, see who’s in them, and join them with one click

Our exclusive Availability Grid:

  • Instantly shows when your buddies and others can play over the next 2 weeks
  • Tells your friends when you can play
  • Click once if you’re a “yes,” twice for “maybe”—in both the morning and afternoon
  • Public-course golfers can earn valuable discounts and other rewards by keeping their Availability Grids up to date

Chat within the app:

  • Set up tee times without leaving the app
  • Those you Chat with most show up at the top of your list as “Best Buddies”

Groups Directory:

  • See all the Groups and Associations that play at your favorite courses
  • Men’s clubs, Women’s groups, Thursday Afternoon Shoot-outs, 9 and Dines, and more
  • Read about them, see who belongs, and join them with one click
  • Create your own groups and invite your friends to join

It’s FREE!

  • Availability Grid, Groups Directory, and Chat—all FREE!
  • Also enjoy a FREE content feed of articles, information, and user-generated comments about courses
  • See special deals, events, and other offers from your favorite courses

GolfBevy is a community of golfers. Play more, meet new playing partners, and have more fun with GolfBevy.

PLUS... GolfBevy can get you on private clubs.

Interested in playing Private Clubs? Our “Buy It Now” label indicates those that allow non-member play for a fee. Some clubs let you play unaccompanied or with friends as a “member for a day,” while others have you play with current members. Some clubs let you play once; others offer packages of two or three rounds. It’s a terrific way to enjoy the Private-Club experience, and a must if you’re thinking of joining one. Look for the Buy It Now symbol throughout our Course Directory.

GolfBevy also offers a unique service, called Private Club Exchange, that helps those golfers who either belong to or have access to a Private Club arrange rounds at other Private Clubs—across town or across the country. Signing up for Private Club Exchange is FREE. (We’ll keep it free as long as we can, so you want to sign up soon!)

Do I have to be a member of a Private Club to use Private Club Exchange?

No. Anyone who wants to play more courses can join as long as they know people (friends, family) who can give them access to Private Clubs that can be offered in return.

Can I play any club? Even the famous ones?

If you share at least one common contact with another GolfBevy member who has access to a club, that club will show up in the Course Directory on your app indicating you can get on it. To be sure everyone on the platform has a good experience—and isn’t inundated with requests—you’ll need at least 25 mutual contacts (based on your smartphones’ address books) with those members who have access to certain “Elite” courses, like those on the top-100 lists.

The better the clubs you offer, the better the clubs you’ll be accepted to play. And since GolfBevy is based on trust and reciprocity, expect that someone who gets you on a course will probably want to play your courses in return.

Can I use GolfBevy as a business tool?

Of course! We all know golf is one of the best ways to build relationships. Since getting on a course via GolfBevy is based on who you and other members know in common, you’ll never deal with complete strangers. The more common contacts you have, the closer the other golfer is to your circle of friends and colleagues.

Do I need to make arrangements through the club?

No. Just like calling friends to get on a course, GolfBevy is a member-to-member experience: The club is not involved. Once your request is accepted, arrange the details of your round with the member. Remember, you are someone’s guest and the club’s guest policies apply. If you don’t act with honor when you are the guest (or the host), we’ll kick you out of the community. We have a zero tolerance policy and will enforce it.

What if I make a request and never hear back?

That could happen. The host might be out of town, busy, or just forgot. Once you send a request, you’ll be able to see if it was read, and we will send one follow-up message to the host in a couple of days encouraging a response. All unanswered requests expire after three days, at which point you can send a new request to another person at the same club (if you show another contact there). If your timeline is tight, cancel your original request and make a new one to another host. You may not have multiple open requests out for the same course.

My request is accepted. How do I pay the guest fee, caddie fees, and so on?

All payments are between you and your host. Once your request is accepted, you’ll see who your host is and be able to chat through the app. Be sure to ask up front about the club’s policies and about paying the guest fee, caddie fees, for pro shop merchandise, etc. Since some clubs do not allow fees to be paid by anyone other than the member, be sure to reimburse the member and find some other way to show your appreciation. It’s the right thing to do.

What else should I know as a guest?

The person who hosts you likely will want to play your club in return. GolfBevy is based on trust and reciprocity, and since you’ve guaranteed a club, or clubs, be ready to host them in the future.

GolfBevy members who do not follow through with what they promise to other members are subject to immediate termination with no refund. No excuses.

I belong to a very desirable club. Will I get inundated with requests?

The most desirable Private Clubs require the golfer and host to have 25 mutual contacts. This is done to protect members’ privacy and limit the number of requests received. Because desirable clubs demand more mutual contacts, you’ll only receive requests from GolfBevy members within your close social network, not total strangers.

And if you’re thinking you can get on Augusta National, we’d like to help, but we’ve removed it from the database. Because.

I’m not sure, but I think I can get access to a course. Should I list it?

No. Your course list isn’t meant to be a way for you to brag. Only list clubs you are genuinely able and willing to access and help someone else play. With the expectation that they’ll help you in return, of course.

What if I know someone is trying to game the system?

Do us all a favor. If you hear or see someone abusing the system—like trying to sell access, promising clubs they can’t deliver, or just being a jerk as a guest or host—let us know at We’ll deal with them and give them the hook if needed.

Okay, I’m sold. What does it cost?

The GolfBevy app is free. Always has been, always will.

Signing up for Private Club Exchange is also free. That’s right, FREE! You have to pay your host back for your round and any other charges, but we’re not charging for this invalauble service. Well, at least not yet. We’re going to keep PCE free as long as we can, all the more reason you should start using GolfBevy right now.

Any questions? Email us at

How else can I contribute to the community?

Tell your friends about GolfBevy and get them to join. This expands the pool of courses everyone has access to. This also adds more golfers to your Availability Grid, making it easier for you to know which of your friends can play and when.

GolfBevy is a community, which means you are encouraged to share your knowledge, experience, and opinions with other golfers. We want to hear from you about courses you think we should write about, especially if you have information of value to other members. And we encourage you to add to the content feed with your comments.

If you have a question, contact us. If you think information about a course should be updated, let us know. If you have ideas on how to improve GolfBevy, we’re happy to listen.

For all comments, write to:

Some features are still in development and will be coming soon.