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GolfBevy Loves Course Operators...
Both Public and Private

Tobacco Road Golf Club

Letting your golfers know about GolfBevy generates more money for you

GolfBevy has one goal: Getting people to play more golf. Why shouldn’t that be at your course or club?

  • 1. Targeted Offers
    • Reach golfers when they want to play
    • Personalized offers maintain price integrity
    • Increase yield
  • 2. Promote Your Events
    • Your news goes right to their feed
    • Discounts, deals, events
    • You control when and how offers appear
  • 3. Buy It Now
    • For Private Clubs only
    • Attract new members and revenue
    • Unaccompanied play or with your club “Ambassadors”

1a) Targeted Offers - Attract golfers looking to play that day to your course

Golfers fill out My Availability, sharing when they can play up to 2 weeks in advance and providing insight on their intent to play. Courses they've favorited—plus nearby Operators and Allied Golf Associations that sign up for a free GolfBevy account—receive this valuable data.

1b) Targeted Offers - Deals go to individual golfers, maintaining price integrity

When your course has openings, send deals to golfers who've indicated they can play that day. Because deals are targeted and limited, you maintain price integrity for tee times.

2) Promote Events - Use the Feed to promote your special offers and events

As part of our robust content Feed, you can publish your own special deals, events, and other information about your course to be seen by golfers throughout your region.

3) Buy It Now - A new way for Private Clubs to find new members and revenue

Generate new-member leads! Private clubs seeking members can offer prospects a chance to play with your club “ambassadors” program (if you have one, which we suggest you do) or as a “member for a day.” GolfBevy helps you generate leads and extra revenue from your club’s existing social network, the best long-term new-member source!

And it’s FREE! To you and to your golfers.
Sign Up for GolfBevy today and start generating new revenue.

There is no cost to golfers or operators to use most GolfBevy features. Golfers pay a fee to join Private Club Exchange, and we take a small percentage of Buy It Now transactions and offers posted in the Feed.

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