GolfBevy has one goal: Getting people to play more golf. Why shouldn’t that be at your course?

Tobacco Road Golf Club

It’s easy to create a GolfBevy account and begin promoting your course to golfers throughout your local area with Offers, Activities, News, and more. It’s Free to sign up—for you and for your golfers.

These Videos explain how GolfBevy gets your course or club more business

It starts by making it easier for golfers to arrange games with one another, which will get them playing more often.

Our exclusive Availability Grid shows golfers when their friends and others who play at your course are available to play, making it easy to arrange games.

Courses also see the Availability Grid data, letting them target golfers who’ve said they want to play with special Offers, Events, and other information.

Private courses looking for new members or extra revenue can put themselves in front of interested golfers with our exclusive “Buy It Now” program.

And that’s only the beginning with GolfBevy

Register your course with us and this is what you’ll be able to do through your Operator Portal.

My Events

Hosting a tournament or holding a party? Promote these events and more through the content Feed on the GolfBevy app. Give the event a title, set its date and time, and specify when you want the details published. Be sure you have a photo, which shows up prominently in the Feed, and a link to your website where people can sign up.

Offers (Public Courses Only)

Put discounts and deals in front of all the golfers who play at your course, or target specific individuals. You can create a new offer or re-use an existing one. Specify when the offer begins and ends, explain the offer, create a Promo Code that is applied when they purchase a tee time, and enter a link to the offer on your website.

Availability Grid

Golfers fill out My Availability, sharing with their friends when they want to play up to 2 weeks in advance. You can see this information and then send targeted offers that help fill open times on your tee sheet as soon as today. Click on the names of golfers you want to target. Create new offers or re-use existing ones by clicking on the “Select Offer” drop-down menu.

GolfBevy Premium (Public Courses Only)

GolfBevy Premium updates the paper-only coupon book for the digital age with additional functionality to attract more golfers to your course. We are creating GolfBevy Premium right now based on input from public-course Operators.

Buy It Now (Private Clubs Only)

Looking to generate new-member leads or extra revenue? Let prospects play your course through your club “ambassadors” program (if you have one, which we suggest you do) or as a “member for a day.” You specify when the offer is available and the cost; GolfBevy connects interested golfers with your membership office, taking a small percentage as our fee.

My Course

Make sure all the golfers on the GolfBevy app have the latest information about your course, from its website, phone number, and physical address to the architects who designed it and the tournaments held there. This is also where you can enter up to 10 photographs, which will randomly appear in your course description on the app.

My Team

Use this page to designate those staffers at your club who you want to have the responsibility to set up and manage the offers and events explained here. Just give us their name and email: We’ll notify them and help them get registered to handle all those jobs for you.

Tip Sheets

Here’s where you’ll find tips, ideas, and other information to help you make the most of GolfBevy, from best practices and marketing ideas to real-world examples, for public courses and private clubs.

And it’s FREE For you and your golfers.

Sign Up for GolfBevy today and start promoting your course.


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