Play With Your Friends—Anywhere!


Private Club Exchange

Better than calling your friends

Brook Hollow Golf Club


Anyone Can Join.
You Don't Have To Be A Private-Club Member.

  • But you do have to have access through family or friends to at least one private club to offer in return
  • And you have to have at least one mutual contact with your host to have access to their courses
  • Signing up for Private Club Exchange is FREE!


Instantly See The Courses You Can Play

  • See a complete list of private clubs in the U.S. (we’re going global soon)
  • All the clubs you have access to through your friend network are highlighted in the Course Directory
  • Courses you can play show up only if you and another GolfBevy member know someone in common
  • Don’t want to wait? See if the course you want to play is available with Buy It Now


Courses Are
Just A Click Away

  • You can see the different ways to get on, but not the names of golfers who could be your host. (We’re very serious about protecting our members’ privacy.)
  • Elite clubs are noted with a gold star and require more common contacts than other clubs so you only receive requests from people in your close circle of friends
  • When making a request, you must offer at least one club in return. The "better" the clubs you offer, the more likely you'll play where you want


Thank You For Hosting!

  • The potential host decides whether to accept your invitation or not. Just like calling friends to get on, the course is not involved
  • All course requests must come with an offer to reciprocate with at least one course in return
  • Only once a request is accepted is the host’s identity revealed. Then the requester and host can chat in the app to set up the round
  • Host and guest work out timing, fees, and other details. Once you’re connected, it’s up to you


Protecting Your Identity

  • GolfBevy protects the identity of the potential host to save them from being bombarded with requests
  • While the golfer making a request allows their profile to be seen, the potential host's identity is protected until they accept the request
  • If you have access to elite courses, we protect you from too many requests by requiring you have at least 25 common contacts with someone before those courses show up in their feed

Private Club Exchange coming soon